Favourite Journeys  


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It's such a cliche to say that travelling on a journey is at least as enjoyable as reaching the destination.  However, just because something is a cliche doesn't mean that it is untrue.

For me, every journey has several essential parts:

  • People - old friends, travelling companions, or newly encountered along the way
  • Sights, smells, sounds - the immense varieties of landscape, flora, fauna, weather, and all their characteristic sounds and smells
  • Food - a pinch-me moment in an unforgettable restaurant, or a bar of Kendal mintcake on a cold wet mountain-top
  • History - the many traces left by human events, some visible in the landscape, some told by locals, some read in the guidebook, some remembered from long-ago stories
  • Mode of travel - soft sleeper on a Vietnamese train, boating through Kerala backwaters, trudging up a long grassy Scottish slope, grazing the summits of Vancouver Island in a light plane
  • Photographs can only give only glimpses of any journey.  The rest we supply through memory or imagination. 

    These photographs are just a few glimpses of some of my favourite journeys.  If they help you to imagine, they have done their work.

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