Bethany's Page
these are my friends Charlotte (centre), Jade (right) and Naomi (left)    my friends Naomi, Charlotte and Jade
This is my Dad Dad
This is my cousins Dan, Rick, Harry, Uncle Simon, Auntie Becky and me at Auntie Becky and Uncle Simon's wedding Auntie Becky's and Uncle Simon's wedding
This is my Grandma and Uncle Robert with my Grandad's old Capri behind them Grandma and Uncle Robert with Grandad's old Capri
Mum sometimes forces me to have a bath! me with bath bubbles
Wayne, Mum and me after we'd just been swimming Wayne, Mum and me
My brother is called Wayne. on the 24 of july 2002 we went to Conkers. 
At conkers there is a very nice restaurant that has posh chairs. The food was very nice but also very dear. 
I had chicken fillet burger with salad  and chips.
The car that we went in was a Vauxhall Tigra - the person that drove was called Maz. 
It took us 2 hours to get and 25 mins to get back because we got lost. 
Our mum took the photo.
My brother Wayne took the photo at Conkers. 
I was climbing.
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