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pensive Steve

Who am I?

Me flat on the snow

Amateur musician: bass player; guitarist; singer; songwriter.

Photographer. Poet. Traveller. Hiker. Rubbish skier. Unsuccessful glider pilot. Bird watcher. Reader. Theatre and cinema goer.

Great-grandfather (and grandfather, and so on). Husband (for the second time). Widower.

Retired lecturer in Information Systems. Used to be a National Park administrator, gardener, labourer, lab technician...

Instinctive social democrat. Lifelong Labour supporter. Remain voter

Concerned about: social inequality, damage to the environment, threats of climate change.

Creative writing

Mostly poetry, some prose, much of the later stuff about losing Wendy and how life can move on after a bereavement.
It's collected over here, but here's a couple of samples:-

Somebody's Gone

{This one is really best read aloud}

Somebody's gone in the night
And she will not come again
Her necklaces hang from the mirror still:
Amber beads and abalone shell
This cowry on its silver chain
That lay at her breast for years
—So we make beauty from what once was alive

Somebody's gone in the night
And she will not come again
Her photo smiles from the old pine chest
She found discarded in the coal-house
Stripped away the yellowing paint, replaced
Cracked plastic handles with new brass
Waxed and buffed the wood to an antique shine
—So she made beauty from what once was unloved

Somebody's gone in the night
And she will not come again
All future time spreads endless beneath the sky
And she is not in it
Yet the world is touched in every detail
By her hand, by her thought
I measure my worth most in her love for me
And measure hers in the ways she taught me to see
—So she made beauty from what once was unknown

Somebody's gone in the night
And she will not come again
—Only her beauty, the beauty she lived, remains
Kathmandu stupa


White bracts of bougainvillea drop
Gently to the lawn after the rain, and sadness
Fills me, unexpectedly. By now my love's three

Thousand miles away, she gazes rapt at the
Harsh sunlit deserts of the Silk Road
While I sit surrounded by ripening pomegranates

And prayer flags. But this pain springs from another
Separation, one not healed by such trivial arrangements
As a long-haul flight and the anticipated happy reunion.

Academic publications

I used to write for work - a bestselling textbook on object-oriented systems analysis and design (currently in its 4th edition) and a series of academic journal and conference papers. I don't do that academic journal and conference stuff any more, but here's my latest list of publications (downloads as a pdf).


Most of my more recent photographs are here. Includes virtually every photo I ever took of Wendy, and holidays, trips and hikes since about 2007; birds and animals from several continents; friends and family.

A few older photos (35mm scans) of trips to interesting parts of the world are here.


I've played bass in Jeweller's Eye for almost as long as I can recall. We're probably best described as folk-rock, but the influences are many and various. Here's the band's Facebook page.

I also play acoustic guitar and sing and write my own songs - one (Miss You, in memory of Wendy) is here (solo version), and here is the full band version (featuring Wendy's voice). Nothing else by me online at the moment, but everything changes, doesn't it?

Wendy's life

In October 2007, my lovely wife Wendy died of secondary melanoma. She was just 62, and had only recently retired. I began writing this blog as a way of sharing memories with family and friends. Over the years it has evolved into more than just a record of her life and my grief at losing her.